You can play online slots for free at sites like online-casinocanada . Playing slots for free can be fun but often you can win some cool cash also. You can play slots on your desktop, laptop, tablet and your mobile phone with your friends, family and other loved ones. This guide explains the A-Z of free online slots. You can find these games by doing a simple internet search. Click the search results to find out whether they are really free. In many cases, your casino would give you a No Deposit Bonus while signing up. Fill in your name, address, etc. and you are ready to play.

What are slots?

Let's begin with the basics. Online slots are the virtual equivalents of slot games in the land-based casinos. Broadly, there are two kinds of slots- Classic and Virtual. The former have classic symbols such as bells, bars, whistles, candies, 7s, etc. To win your game, you just have to land a winning combination. Some classic slots have just 3 reels, while others may have 5 or more reels. The more reels you have, more interesting is the game. Vide slots are similar to Classic slots but with a difference. The former have two kinds of symbols. The Low value ones could be the members of the card suite.

The high value symbols vary from one video slot to another. In a marine -based slot for example, a high value symbols could be a ship's anchor. Every slot has a paytable that tells about its symbols, their values and winning combinations. You can play your online slot in manual or auto modes. In the former, you select your bet levels, coin values, etc. and then click the 'Spin' button. When you play in an 'Auto' mode', you simply set the number of spins and click the 'Spin' button just once. Use your No Deposit Bonus to play your favorite slot and earn some good money.

There are other symbols also in the video slots. Wilds substitute for missing symbols in winning combinations and help you win your game. Check your paytable to find out whether your slots has these symbols. There are 4 kinds of Wilds- Sticky, Expanding, Overlay, and Stacked. Stacked Wilds sit on the symbols and have the maximum winning potential for players. Some online slots also have Expanding Wilds which cover the entire reels upon fulfilling certain conditions. Overlay Wilds have special designs and shapes and also offer exciting winning possibilities. In Guns N' Rose, the Overlay Wild appears as a cross.

  • Scatters unlock free spins and other bonus features
  • Multipliers help you multiply your winning 2x, 3x or even more.

How to win your free online slots?

Assuming you have received your No Deposit Bonus, check which all slots you are entitled to play. Your casino can restrict your choice to just a few slots. Next, check whether you have to honor any wagering requirements. If there are no requirements, select a slot that has a very high RTP. The Return to Player metric tells that slot's attractiveness to the player. You can also consider slots that have low to medium variance. In these games, you tend to win or lose small amounts of money over a period. All the slots display their RTPs and variance.

Play your slot when there is very little competition. You can consider playing in the dawn or afternoons when there are too few players. An important strategy is to first play your slot in a demo mode before laying a bet. Many online casinos let their players play some slots for no charge. If you have a No Deposit Bonus, pick those slots that have multiple paylines. This increases your chances of winning. However, you should stick to your budget in these cases. Conservative players, and those playing for the first time, can choose classic slots which are easy to play.